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In May 2013, our program brought U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack, to our Kenner headquarters.

“What we have here is nothing short of amazing,” Vilsack said of MMI, repeatedly using the phrase “where culinary intersects with nutrition.”

Offering kids more nutritious food has vast effects not only on health, hunger and academic achievement, but also on future health care costs, Vilsack said.

As a new father, MMI CEO/Founder Michael Maenza’s eyes light up when he talks about his hopes for future proactive health and nutrition projects – including educating parents, building a farm at which kids can participate in the growing process and creating products for infants and pregnant women.

The products that MMI sells to schools are frozen and packaged in boilable bags. Tasty and nutritious, they’re also highly affordable because they’re able to be kettle-cooked in large quantities.

Our research and development process includes teams of culinary and nutrition experts, and of course, kid taste-testers. Menu items often feature healthy versions of classic kid favorites, which are created to mimic the original flavor profile as closely as possible.

We believe that in order to keep kids both healthy and happy, nutritious foods shouldn’t sacrifice good flavor. Our mission is to improve the health and performance of students by providing great-tasting food that is healthy and nutritious. By cooking from the heart, and our goal is to change the perception and reputation of school food service programs in the United States while improving the lives of future generations to come.

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